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Because our products are not mass-produced and we cannot get an unlimited supply of any one item, we do not offer instant online shopping. If you are interested in a particular product or type of product that you see on this website, however, please contact us and we will be happy to send you pictures of similar items for you to choose from. That way we are able to ensure that you get a personal service and have the most up to date information about product availability at your fingertips before you place an order. Once we are in contact we can discuss your requirements in detail and decide on the best shipping and payment methods.
We are currently producing an online catalogue which will soon be available to download from the website. Until then, to shop with us please take a look at the product information below. The pictures are just a guide, however, as we cannot guarantee that the exact item you’ve seen on the website is still available. If you are interested in bedcovers, for example, just contact us with your requirements and we’ll send you the latest pictures and information on the items we currently have in stock.

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